Happy Birthday WordPress

27th May 2018 marked the 15th Anniversary of WordPress. One of the most successful open source and CMS in the world same age as my daughter. I still remember my first experience using WordPress. It was a pleasant experience actually, which I easily made a decision to leave behind Dreamweaver and fully focus my skills on WordPress. What can I say, fast forward WordPress not just helping me contributing to my skills but also my business. Throughout the years, I develop myself not just as a web designer but also as WordPress trainer. I have travelled across the country teaching entrepreneurs to build and manage their own site just by using WordPress. Hmmm with that I just realised WordPress also helps me networking with people from all sorts of background. Entrepreneurs, web designers, IT administrators, and bloggers.

Anyway lately, I try to be active in my local WordPress community. Attended most of the meetup arranging by them and recently they organized a meetup just to celebrate this special occasion. The event was a huge success with high attendance and also made possible with sponsors supporting the local WordPress community. Companies such as Exabytes, Amanz Media and Mindblow came forward as sponsors plus some personal sponsorship from the community itself. It’s a great community and one of the best group I’d join so far via meetup.com. If you plan to join us feel free to join our meetup group. Oh ya, I even did a short video during the celebration and managed to snap some photos from my GoPro and iPhone 🙂


I do hope WordPress and its community will grow even though they’re so many challenges in this new digital era. With competitors keep on knocking, the platform getting better each year. Offering new features and developers keep on making better plugins that makes it fun to use. Oh ya, Gutenberg slowly coming into the picture and I’m super excited about it. I will write about it in my next post 🙂

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