GO2 by MyNic

Wow!!! this is an awesome product by MyNic. Why did I say that? not because they are one of my clients, but because this product is value for money. Before I go further, let me explain. What is GO2?

GO2 system work by creating a dedicated url (of your choice) and forward it to another application that is mobile friendly. It can be either, WhatsApp, Telegram, twitter, Instagram, Facebook and even to another web link. For a beginning, MyNic offering a starter package valued at RM33.00 and it is FREE for 1 year. This starter package is limited because it can only link with Whatsapp application and your url is limited with a wording ‘mesej’ locate at the front of url. For example, ‘mesejwordpress.my’. MyNic does offer other packages where you can have your own choice of URL and at the same time, you can link it with other social application. This package comes with 2 prices, one is RM66/ year and another one RM99/ year with the later, including 1 email account with 10GB storage. You click on image below for more information 🙂


Welcome 2018

Hi everyone and Happy New Year. Yeah it’s 2018 so how’s your New Year resolution going especially the one in 2017. If you have trouble coping with it, it’s ok. Even I don’t have a new year resolution. I’m a very simple guy that just enjoying my life part by part. At the end, it’s up to you. If you comfortable in making a resolution, just go for it. Who am I to judge you :).

Anyway, I had a great 2017.  Traveled to Japan was one of the best experience I had in 2017. We traveled to Tokyo, Shizuoka, Kyoto, and Osaka. All our accommodation pre-arranged via AirBNB and I’m glad everything was smooth even though one of the obstacles moving from one place to another place was carrying our 20kg luggage 😀 . Feel free to check out my Japan trip photos below.


Another interesting story I can share was that I entered a photo competition/exhibition organized by Fujifilm Malaysia. Happy to say I was one of the lucky 100 winners from out of 3000 images submitted for the competition. With that, I won 1 Instax camera and also goodies from Fujifilm Malaysia. Thank you, Fujifilm 🙂


So what I do hope in 2018? I just wish the best for my family and lovely people around me. Be successful in whatever things you aim for and focus on your goal. As for me, I hope I can be a better person than I was before 🙂